SURJ Colorado Springs Mission Statement

SURJ Colorado Springs honors SURJ National's core principles of calling in more white people to be accomplices in the fight for racial justice and holding white people accountable and responsible for dismantling white supremacy and breaking down systems of oppression. Simultaneously, SURJ COS has been a multiracial space since its inception and we want to further embrace and center our community. ALL are welcome that are wanting to show up for racial justice. At its core, SURJ is accountable to people of color (POC)-led activism, initiatives, and calls-to-action and we will maintain this format.

Upcoming Events

Please access the Local Progressive Calendar for an up-to-date list of local progressive events and activities.

Pay Your Teachers: How to Compensate Black Women and Femmes on Social Media for Their Emotional Labor

"White people believe slavery ended over 150 years ago. Black people know better. Slavery has merely evolved into more insidious (albeit socially acceptable) oppression. What definitely hasn’t changed? Black women today still aren’t being paid for much of their work." Read on for more on this topic and ways to use your privilege to support people of color, especially Black women and femmes on social media.

Share Reflections

Thanks for being with us on this sometimes rocky, always challenging journey in the struggle for racial justice. Encouraged by the start of the new year, we are stepping back and looking at the past year and a half with an eye towards the big questions, and would love to hear your perspective also. With that long-term view in mind, here are the questions we are pondering:
What have you taken away from the events and community meetings that SURJ has sponsored or hosted?
What are the current most pressing needs of the community?
In addition, if you have other thoughts about our activities, mission, and the community, we encourage you to share them with us at Thanks!